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2016 MMCI #52 Trestleboards March through October


Feel free to see what we were up to this year by browsing our TrestleBoards. You can join us at our monthly meetings, go to our calendar.

March 2016 TrestleBoard

April 2016 TrestleBoard

May 2016 TrestleBoard

June 2016 TrestleBoard

July 2016 TrestleBoard

August 2016 TrestleBoard

September...Read More »

Tylers of the 9 Trestle board Through Feb 2016

Want to catch up on what we have been up to? Check out our Public trestle boards for the Tylers of the 9

TO9 Trestleboard 2016 February

TO9 Trestleboard 2016 January

And from last year:

TO9 Trestleboard 2015December

TO9 Trestleboard 2015...Read More »

New Officers installed at First meeting of 2014

Congratualatiosn to Brothers Pepe, Hat Trick, PiR8 and Hoosier on becoming the elected officers for 2014. Brother Pepe will be appointing the other positions shortly.


2014 will be a big year with Wisconsin hosting the Masonic Motorcycle Club international Yearly Convention in the Dells. We will be assisting Chapter #49 to...Read More »

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