Rules of the Road

The Basics:

  1. All bikes will be maintained in a safe condition.
  2. Motorcycles with malfunctioning lights, brakes, or worn tires (less than 2/32 tread) will not be permitted to participate in a Chapter ride.
  3. All motorcycles will be fueled (topped off) prior to arriving at the meeting area.
  4. No drinking or drugged driving is allowed.
  5. All traffic laws will be strictly obeyed.
  6. All riders and passenger must fill out and submit a ride waiver form from this link: TYLERS OF THE 9 EVENT RELEASE FORM

When Riding in pack formation:

  1. Review and use the hand signals.
  2. The lead bike is always in the left position of the lane you are traveling in
  3. Motorcycles will be ridden in a staggered formation while group riding: (a) The bike in front of you will be staggered from your position so that this particular rider is not directly in front of you; (b) The staggered rider in front of you will then be two seconds in front of you; (c) The bike that follows directly behind another bike will then be four seconds behind that bike; (d) There is an exception to the spacing rule. When passing through congested areas, a tighter formation will be held to minimize stray traffic from entering the pack; (e) See Correct Formation Diagram
  4. One rider will be designated as the Ride Captain – The Ride Captain is responsible for planning, mapping, and coordinating the ride.
  5. One to two riders will be designated as the Tail Gunner – The Tail Gunner is responsible for keeping all riders in formation. Should a rider need to leave the pack, only the Tail Gunner will stop to assist them. – Riders who elect to drop out of a ride (i.e. they do not desire to go further due to time constraints, prior commitments, etc.) will notify the Tail Gunner before the ride begins.
  6. When changing lanes, the pack will proceed as follows. Radio communication from the Road Captain will inform the Tail Gunner to acquire the lane to be changed to.
  7. After the Tail Gunner has secured the new lane, the Road Captain will put on
  8. his/her directional signal. This signal passes down through the group. The Road
  9. Captain initiates the change and all other riders follow from the front to the rear. No one moves until the bike in front of him/her has started moving. It is sometimes necessary for the move to take place even if automobile traffic is present. Be courteous to all motor vehicle traffic. If radio communication is not used, the Tail Gunner will secure the lane upon hand signal from the Road Captain. Once secure the Road Captain will signal once again and lead the group into the lane change.
  10. BLOCKING is not allowed. If the case of the formation being broken by a stop light, the Ride Captain will find a convenient pull off point or ride slower than the speed limit to allow others to catch up. At no time will the Tylers “Block” an intersection.
  11. Enforcing of Ride Rules, Bylaws and Charter:  The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for keeping the peace, enforcing Chapter and Charter rules, and the collection of monies for tolls, etc. Less experienced riders should ride toward the back of the group and shall be staggered to the left side, with a more experienced rider to the right (forward and behind). Tailgunners will be responsible for monitoring the less experienced riders.
Big Formation




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