Who are the The Tylers of the 9?

We are the 52nd Chapter of the Masonic Motorcycle Club International (MMCI Website)

We will be based loosely in the District 10 area of Middle WI.
We are NOT a 1% club. If you are interested in learning more, contact us.

Our chapter is named “TYLERS OF THE 9” symbolizing our continued support and recognition of the nine known Freemasons who signed the Declaration of Independence. The MMCI are primarily made up of Free and Accepted Masons in good standing with their lodge, as well as their associates who like to ride. We consist of men from all walks of life, who enjoy Motorcycling and fellowship with their Brothers.

How do I become a Tyler of the 9?

We do not have a “Prospecting” process. If you are a Master Mason in a lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of F& AM of Wisconsin, you are qualified to apply. If you ride a bike, all the better (350 cc or bigger on any runs), but not required. We want to meet you and let you meet our guys. It’s best to attend a meeting or two and go on a run or two to make sure we are the group you want to associate with. Your membership will be voted on, so meet as many members as you can.

We also accept non-masons as associate members. For more information or if you would like to join, contact any member or officer of our chapter to come visit with us at one of our rides or monthly meetings. .

The Tylers of the 9 are all about participation. Don’t join just to wear the really cool patch. We do have minimum participation requirements. We typically have in excess of 70% of the membership at any given event.

You can download an application here: Applicaton to Tylers of the 9

(There are annual membership fees and patch purchases to consider, but no fee to apply.)

If you plan on participating in a group ride with us, you will need to fill out and bring this release form :TYLERS OF THE 9 EVENT RELEASE FORM

Meetings are held on the Second Saturday of each month at High 12 (Noon). The location moves each month. You can look at our calendar or contact one of the officers for more information HERE.


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