Wine and Swine Run Spring 2013

April 27, 2013 was a great day for the Wine and Swine Run.

The ride began at 12:00 noon and like all Masonic endeavors, Brother PiR8 led us in a pre-ride prayer.

In addition to PiR8, the Tylers present were Brother Stach, PEPE and Spyderman. Stach had a couple of guests along. PEPE and Red brought their wives, so we had nine riders and six bikes hitting the road. PiR8 and PEPE used their Cardo headsets to stay in communication, so PiR8 led the ride and PEPE road gunner.

After a short run down the highway, we headed west on Holy Hill Road. The air was a little chilly, but the twisties and open air had us sorted out pretty quickly. We blew a few hand signals (cobwebs) but the traffic was slight and we were able to enjoy the sounds of our pipes and the open road.

We rolled up on SR 83 and headed south. If you have never ridding 83, it’s a must. The scenery is varied and the road is better than most in Wisconsin. There are a few places you will ride single file and a couple of towns you need to watch your speed, but neither of those diminish the ride.

We stayed on 83 right into Mukwonago, where we stopped to stretch our legs and plan the run into the ÆppelTreow Winery & Distillery in Burlington. We arrived to be met by Brothers Dino and Grumpy (and Mrs. Grumpy). Some more guests arrived as well as we went in for the tour. Many questions later, we began the tasting. A few bottles were purchased before we left and we were able to sample the Brown Dog Whiskey made from  sweet sorghum grown in Elkhart Lake, WI. It was different from your normal grain whiskeys. The 80 Proof was “Scotchy”, but the 104 was smooth and let you know you had sipped some firm whiskey.

We left the Winery and headed to the Wilmot Lodge for their Pork Chop Dinner (hence the SWINE). It’s always a bargain at $10 for two chops and a full dinner plate. We arrived right at 4 PM (Thanks to Brother Stach’s planning…Kudos) and sat right down. By the time we left, there was a 40 minute line waiting to eat.

We ran into a couple of other Masonic Bike groups, notably the “Cornerstone” chapter of the Widows Sons up from Illinois and the Low Twelve out of Milwaukee.

We will be duplicating this run, so watch/subscribe to our calendar and join us for a great ride.

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